U Milscha

21 £±kowa Street


This is where our prefestival milonga will be held. A charming venue in a small palace that used to belong to one of the £ód¼ factory owners, offering delicious food and a wooden floor.

Hotel Grand

72 Piotrkowska Street


The Grand is our official festival hotel. This is where our Friday and Saturday afterparties and the Thursday afternoon milonga will be held, as well as Tango Stories, musical classes with Michael Lavocah. Beautiful, historic interiors, wooden parquet, cloakrooom, an excellent restaurant and a bar.


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Bia³a Fabryka

282 Piotrkowska Street


Bia³a Frabryka, the White Factory, is where most of our afternoon milongas take place - from Friday to Sunday - as well as all the evening milongas - from Thursday to Sunday. It's one of our most famous factories from the Industrial Revolution era, and nowadays the biggest textile museum in the world, and a cultural centre. The White Factory offers breathtaking interiors, excellent parquet, cloakrooms and changing rooms, as well as culinary facilities.



Filharmonia £ódzka

20/22 Narutowicza Street


The exquisite and modern Philharmonic, 2 minutes' walk from Piotrkowska Street, like every year houses our 2 concerts.


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Pa³ac Poznańskich

15 Ogrodowa Street


The legend among all the £ód¼ palaces as well as the legend among all our afterparties: on Sunday you have to be here!