Photo Contest - Through a Tango Lens



Theme: Tango

Deadline: 31.08.2017


Main Prize: 1000 PLN

Rules and regulations of the “Through a Tango Lens” Photo Contest


1. The contest is organized by the Foundation for Culture Promotion “Tango Factory” as part of the 7th International Festival of Tango in £ód¼ - £ód¼ Tango Salon Festival 2017.

2. The theme of the contest is tango. The jury is going to consider only tango-related works.

3. The contest is open and the participation is free. The organizer does not reimburse the participants for any costs incurred in the participation.

4. Minors can enter the contest only under the provision that they present the organizers with a written agreement by their parents or legal guardians.

5. People excluded from the contest are: members of the “Tango Factory” and their families and all other persons involved in the organization of the contest, along with their families.

6. Each entrant is to send one photograph. Sending more than one (up to 5) is also allowed; as long as they form an artistic cycle.

7. The photographs should be sent in JPEG format, short side at maximum1800 px, to the address, along with the following information: Full name of the author, address, date of birth (and a written agreement by parents or legal guardians in case of minors).

8. By entering the contest, entrant warrants he/she has the sole copyright to the photographs he/she sent; the copyright remains intact. Moreover, entrant agrees that the photographs may be used and published, free of charge and in any number, in promotion and marketing materials pertaining to the concert, the tango festival and other activities of the organizer, in publications and websites of the festival and the organizer, and that they may be recorded, modified and multiplied in any way, including print, reprography, magnetic, digital and audio recording, in all media, without any quantitative limits, and distributing them so that anyone can access them anytime, especially on computer networks, Internet, Intranet and mobile phones.

9. Entries can be submitted from 19.06.2017 to 31.08.2017. Results of the contest will be published in the website of the £ód¼ Tango Salon Festival 2017,, by 15.09.2017.

10. To evaluate the entries, the organizer appoints the following jury:

- Marek Domański, Ph.D., Photography Studio at the Department of Multimedia, Faculty of Graphics and Painting in £ód¼

- Tomasz Ferenc, Ph.D., Department of Sociology of Culture, University of £ód¼

- Katarzyna Maciejczyk, co-organizer of the 7th International Festival of Tango in £ód¼ - £ód¼ Tango Salon Festival 2017.

11. Decisions of the jury are final and irrevocable.

12. The organizer shall award the following prizes:

a) for the winner of the contest - 1000 PLN gross

b) two awards - double invitations to the Orquesta Tipica Misteriosa concert in £ód¼ Philharmonic, on 01.10.2017. These awards cannot be changed into money.

c) Additionally, the awarded photographs will be presented at an exhibition during the 7th International Festival of Tango in £ód¼.

13. Additionally, from all the other entries, the jury will choose a number of photographs (at their own discretion), to be presented at an exhibition during the 7th International Festival of Tango in £ód¼.

14. Entering the contest automatically means agreeing to its rules and regulations.

15. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the contest.

16. By entering the contest, the entrant agrees that his/her personal data may be processed by the organizer for purposes related to the contest and marketing, according to the Personal Data Protection Act, 29.08.1997, Dz.U 133, par. 833.