Frequently asked questions


When and how can I register?

Registration starts on July 1st, at 6 pm CEST. From this time on, an online registration form will be available on the website. Milongas and workshops can be bought only online.

Can I book a table?

Yes, this year we are introducing table reservation. One table can sit 4 people, booking it for one night costs 25 euro - the reservation applies only to the Evening Milongas.


Can I register without a partner?

For the milongas - sure, go ahead! For the workshops - technique excluded - you will need a partner. If you don't have one, post an enquiry at the fb event site or contact us.


Will there be chacarera?

Whether there will be chacarera at the milongas - that depends on the DJ's taste.


Is it possible to book a private class with one of the maestros?

During the festival it's downright impossible - they have very tight schedules. However, if you come a day earlier or leave later, you might still catch them. Contact us to find out if any of them is available.


I heard that afternoon milongas get sold out very fast - can I book them already now?

No, you can buy them only online, starting July 1st. However, the good news is that we have moved them to a much larger venue, so the admission limits will be higher.



I don't like booking tickets in advance. Can I buy them at the door?



Can I buy a single milonga ticket?

Yes, but only online, only the evening milongas.


Are the milongas taking place at the White Factory venue?



Is there going to be food at the milongas?

Yes, you will be able to buy food and drinks at all the milongas. Water is available for free.


What type of floor is there?

Wooden parquet in all the venues.


During the festival, will it be possible to buy shoes/tango clothes?

Yes, not only buy, but also win during the Friday evening milonga!


Are there going to be any cloakrooms/changing rooms?



Are you cooperating with any hotels this year? Where should I stay?

Yes, more information soon!