Olga Agapova (Russia)


Olga Agapova has been playing music in Saint Petersburg since 2008 on regular milongas, festivals and events: Argentinean Holidays, White Nights Tango, Tango Grand Weekend, Days of Tango, Saint Petersburg Tango Marathon.  She has also been invited to play music on the milongas and events in other cities and countries:  Tango Remolino in Lviv, and Tango D’Amore in Odessa, Ukraine; Midsummer Tango in Vilnius, Izmir Tango Marathon in Turkey; Tango Viejo Tallinn in Estonia, El Huracán Tango Marathon in Moscow, Summer Tango Camp and Tampere Tango Festival in Finland, Tango Congress in Moscow, La Vida del Tango and Winter Tango Ball in Chelyabinsk, Adentro Festival of Folklore and Tango. She is passionate about Argentina and milongas of Buenos Aires. She prefers traditional tango music which inspires people to dance.


A bailar! Pugliese no murió!



Yuriy Cherenkov (Ukraine)

I started DJing in 2011, not of my own will, but from the very first milonga I've fallen in love with the feeling of cooperation with dancers. While improving myself as a DJ I set my preferences on golden age tango. I try to play music of the best possible quality available, but together with that I find joy in a sound of vinyl noise. I do not save good music for a beautiful finishing accord - you will hear Calo, Troilo, D'Arienzo, Laurenz, etc. from the very beginning. I believe that well chosen cortinas play equally important role in DJing as a connection between tandas - I prefer jazz, blues and funk for them.



Benjamin Lee (South Korea)

He is a traditional tango DJ and an enthusiastic social tango dancer. He started to dance tango in 2009 and started tango DJing in 2011. He has been playing music regularly at the popular milongas in Seoul and is invited to many local events in Korea, as well as international tango events in various cities - Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Sydney, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh, Milan, New Orleans, Vladivostok, Riga, Lviv and Porto. He loves the traditional Golden Age tango music and tries to select songs suitable for dancing, with good energy. Respecting the great music of main popular orchestras and the emotion of dancers in a milonga, he tries to play the right tanda for every moment. As a TDJ, he thinks the most important is helping dancers to be naturally and comfortably immersed in the flow of emotion.


Olga Makhno (Russia, Lithuania)


I started DJ-ing in 2009 in Russia, but I’ve been collecting tango music from 2007 and I still continue to do so. To better understand what kind of music is needed for dancers I even learned to dance as a leader. At a milonga, I prefer traditional music, with tandas and cortinas. While DJ-ing, I follow one simple rule - music must keep dancers on the dance floor. I try to create a happy, friendly, light atmosphere. Good mood of the dancers is for me the best prize and a signal that everything is going according to plan. I have DJ-ed at  festivals, marathons and milongas in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Latvia, Italy and Lithuania. Now I live in Vilnius and here I’m a regular DJ.


Gabriela Ioana Manea


Passionate dancer and tango traveller, Gabriela has also been playing since 2010 and wherever it is - be it a local Bucharest milonga or an international event - she loves giving her best to keep the dancers smiling. Gabriela is a traditional DJ, and likes mixing tango energies from all decades, but she will always remain loyal to the Golden Age. For her, tango is a journey towards self-discovery. A world of emotions that we keep silent about most of the time in our normal life: "There is no better way of finding yourself than embracing others and trying to give all you have. Since I'm a dancer first and foremost, I am a story-teller. I like playing with dancers' emotions and to help creating new stories on the dance floor. This is what you'll also feel in my music selection."



Ralph Nasi (Turkey)


Turkish by birth, Argentinian at heart, Australian by the looks - what a combination!


The legendary Horacio Julián Prestamo writes about his music at Salon Canning, "He was a blast! He did not let us sit down! If I did not dance all the time, it was simply because I was not in my best shape, not because I did not like it. Pure tango, milonga and waltz, perfect for a milonga! Music of orchestras that made the milongas of Buenos Aires great. Keep up the good work, Ralph Nasi. Way to go! Thanks for being my friend."



Karolina Tkaczuk (Poland)


Karolina has fallen in love first with tango as a dance, shortly after that the curiosity and the passion for the music surfaced.


Initial explorations of tango music led her to the fascination with traditional music, especially from the 30s and 40s. She believes that the task of a DJ is to create a unique mood and comfort for the dancers over and over again with each tanda throughout the night. Each dance should be a new journey for the dancers, “el viaje que dura sólo tres minutos” (a trip that lasts only three minutes). Before she plays a tanda she always asks herself, “Would I really want to dance it now, myself?”


For the last couple of years Karolina was a resident DJ for the Charlottesville tango scene (USA), which was her tango home, where she wanted to introduce the spirit of “Porteño y Bailarín” and/or “Salón Canning”, and where she managed to attract even the most traditional and picky tangueros from the area.


Currently Karolina lives in Kraków and DJs mostly at European and Asian events.



Jenni Valli (Finland)

Jenni represents the one-person tango community of her hometown Huittinen in southern Finland. Since starting with tango over 10 years ago she's been an active member around in the Finnish tango scene as an organizer of milongas and many events. Dj'ing started very innocently parallel to establishing a new milonga but it soon grew into a more serious activity and a great source of joy along the dancing itself. As a dj she's traditional, giving special attention to the most central Golden Age orchestras and lively cortinas. She's a frequent dj in milongas and festivals around Finland and has also enjoyed invitations to Germany, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Ukraine, Italy, Spain and Belgium.



Ewa Zbrzeska (Poland, UK)


London based, originally from Poland, Ewa has been regularly DJing at various London venues (Corrientes, Pavadita, the Crypt, the Dome, Carablanca, Negracha & The Light). She has been invited to play at events such as London Rivertango Festival & Spitalfileds tango, as well as European events, including Paris, Oslo, Warsaw, £ód¼, Angoulême, Palermo, Geneva, Moscow, Yalta, Edinburgh, Amersfoort, Barcelona & Sitges. She plays traditional tango, with emphasis on creating different moods and musical textures to offer a variety of emotions to the dancers.